Replacing the Piggy Bank: how to share a Parent Bank account view with your kids

We think the The Piggy Bank is in need of an upgrade. But we also know that kid's want to feel secure with their money and know how to check how much they've saved at any time.

So here is how to set up your kid's with (read only!) access to their Parent Bank account, where they monitor their balance and any recent activity.

Once you've set up you kid's account with the "Magic Money" (aka Interest!) and Allowance configuration that you're happy with, check out the "Share" section. If you click the copy icon, you will have a secret URL that you can paste into a text message, email, etc to deliver it to your kids. This view will give them read-only access to their account.  

click the copy icon to get a URL you can share
click the copy icon to get a URL you can share

If they have an iOS device, you then choose "Add to Home Screen" which will install their view as an app with an icon, allowing for easy access. You can see the specific steps on how to do that here: Install the Parent Bank on an iOS device.

Optionally, you can also add your kid's email address to the account, which will enable him or her to receive periodic (you set the frequency) emails summarizing their account. You can do this by editing the account, open "Advancing Settings" and find the field for "Also send updates about this account to"