Upgrade your kid's piggy bank to...

The Parent Bank!

A simple "bank account" where you (rather than a pig!) hold your kids' money, set custom interest rates and allowance rules, and help teach them to responsibly save, spend and earn.

You set the (high!) savings rate

Pay interest (aka Magic Money!) at a rate that you configure - help your kids appreciate the wonders of compounding!

Automatic allowance

Configure a regular allowance payment. You can skip a payment if necessary because, you know, parenthood...

Simple and Private

Get started in 30 seconds. No documents to sign or data to hand over to a financial institution or complicated forms. Your kids' money in The Parent Bank is backed entirely by the full faith and credit of you - the parents!

Use with Apple Cash for spending

When your kids are old enough to spend money in the real world, you can give them cash withdrawals OR (cooler!) you set up an Apple Cash family account which will let them make purchases with an iPhone. You can send them funds from their Parent Bank account with our simple integration. There's no need for a debit card or bank account!

Questions? Answers!

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